The best terraces in Madrid (With scandal views)


Summer arrives and the terraces of Madrid stand on end. The roofs they start to show off their best clothes and the main restaurants and hotels The city opens these spaces for those who want to enjoy a different summer in the capital of Spain. Madrid is changing, and its terraces never cease to amaze us every year.

The best terraces in Madrid

We want to surprise you with 10 terraces of the capital. All located in the center and with decent views to take a camera.

  1. Cibeles Palace Bar Terrace
  2. Apartosuites Jardines de Sabatini
  3. Hotel Indigo Madrid
  4. Circle of Fine Arts
  5. Dear Hotel Madrid
  6. Florida in the Retreat
  7. Exe Moncloa Hotel
  8. Oscar's Terrace (Room Mate)
  9. Santo Domingo Hotel
  10. The Hat Madrid
  11. Ginkgo sky bar
  12. Hotel H10
  13. The Generator Terrace

1 Terrace Bar Palacio de Cibeles

This terrace has become one of the classic tourists of Madrid. It is located in one of the attics of the Telecommunications Palace, overlooking the Cibeles Fountain. For better or worse they have very few tables with views, so it is convenient to arrive soon if you want to have a good drink watching the cars pass by in the Castellana.

Cibeles Fountain

It is not surprising that it is one of the most requested summer terraces in Madrid, since its location and the space it occupies are unique, so if you do not know it, what are you waiting for?

  • Location: Cibeles Palace, Plaza Cibeles, 1

2 Apartosuites Jardines de Sabatini

This hotel is one of the best kept secrets from all over Madrid. The terrace is only open during the summer, since the rest of the year is only for hotel guests. On the terrace they serve cocktails and minimalist food, since everything is served either at high or small tables very intimate. The best, its views, unique and direct to the Real Madrid Palace.

Apartosuites Jardines de Sabatini
  • Location: Cuesta San Vicente, 16

3 Hotel Indigo Madrid

We discovered it almost by chance, walking along the Gran Via and looking up looking for beautiful buildings. In one of the streets that end up in this street in Madrid, this hotel appeared, a hotel with a infinity pool, of those that end up on the ledge and that seem to have endless views.

Hotel Indigo

The terrace is small and is only for a drink or watch a football game, since they have a giant screen. In addition, its views overlook the Casa de Campo and the terrace of another hotel with a good terrace, the Hotel Santo Domingo, with an indoor pool and the highest vertical garden in Europe.

  • Location: Calle de Silva, 6

4 Circle of Fine Arts

The most classic of the terraces of Madrid recently houses a beautiful restaurant on its roof. We could say that it has one of the most visited viewpoints of the capital, since you can access it simply for a drink, dinner or just to contemplate its views.

Circle of Fine Arts
Views from the Circle of Fine Arts
  • Location: Calle de Alcalá, 42

5 Dear Hotel Madrid

A new hotel stands in the city, remodeled and with one of the best views towards Plaza de España. It is in one of the corners of Gran Vía and is a terrace / attic ideal for dining with your couple or having a drink with friends. In addition, it also has an infinity pool, small, but with fabulous views. The best, its views towards the Plaza and Gran Vía. For us, one of the terraces of Madrid with the best views. Besides, if you don't know her, you will surprise or leave you surprised.

Dear Hotel Madrid
  • Location: Gran Via, 80

6 Florida, in Retirement

Recently in the Retreat they have remodeled the popular La Florida meeting room, locating a beautiful terrace on the roof overlooking the Retiro Park. A great success, since they have managed to improve this already somewhat decadent space with a new style and a particularly beautiful terrace.

  • Location: Republic of Panama Walk, 1

7 Exe Moncloa Hotel

We attended an event and by chance we met the roof of this hotel. Actually, we didn't even imagine the atmosphere that there was or the views towards the Country House and the Sierra de Guadarrama. A true discovery.

Exe Moncloa Hotel
  • Location: Arcipreste de Hita Street, 10

8 Oscar's Terrace (Room Mate)

He has been in several in the Madrid neighborhood of Chueca. Located on the rooftop of the Room Mate Oscar hotel, it has an indoor pool and a good cocktail bar. It is one of the terraces of Madrid that is usually very lively, especially on weekends, so it is convenient to go during the week or book.

  • Location: Pedro Zerolo Square, 12

9 Santo Domingo Hotel

With a rooftop pool and the highest vertical garden in Europe, this hotel has one of the most original Madrid terraces. It has an ideal bar for events, the pool is automatically covered and the views are exceptional. You can not ask for more.

Santo Domingo Hotel
  • Location: San Bernardo Street, 1

10 The Hat Madrid

This cozy hostel has a lovely terrace in the attic. It is advisable to book, since the space is small and the tables are generated by two people. It is an ideal terrace to go for a drink or to have a snack.

The Hat Madrid
  • Location:Imperial Street, 9

11 Ginkgo sky bar

Recently opened, it is one of the most fashionable terraces in Madrid. Views of the Plaza de España and the Royal Palace no less. It has a restaurant and an area with sofas and tables to enjoy a romantic evening or with friends under the night of Madrid.

ginkgo sky bar
ginkgo sky bar

12 Hotel H 10 Puerta de Alcalá

This hotel has been recommended by Miguel Mantero. The terrace in question is called “El Cielo de Alcalá” and it is an ideal place to have a drink or just tapas. The views towards the Retirement and towards him Neighborhood of salamanca They are the best of Madrid. In addition, its Infinity Pool, a swimming pool that looks like you're flying over Madrid.

H10 Terrace Puerta de Alcalá

13 The Generator Terrace

The Generator s one of the new terrace in Madrid. The outer area of ​​the building, with the iconic Gran Vía at its feet, boasts a contemporary and cosmopolitan design. Although it is located in a hostel, it is accessible to non-residents.


MORE TERRACES. Do you know any interesting terrace of Madrid with views ?. Leave us a comment to expand this list