Toulouse on a weekend (What to see and what to do)


What a good plan to go to Toulouse, south of France, for a weekend. There are many things to see in Toulouse and surroundings, a province close to the Pyrenees with good connections with Madrid or Barcelona, ​​full of getaways and more of an architectural and gastronomic surprise.

Toulouse and surroundings

Visit to Toulouse

Although Toulouse is not one of the most prominent cities in France, it is obviously not a Paris by size, if it is a beautiful city to discover and take it as a starting point to discover picturesque places like Auch, the village of D'Artagnan, Carcassonne or Albi. Toulouse is called the pink city, due to the amount of buildings with facades of this striking color. If we can say that there are many things to see in Paris, Toulouse does not fall short and you have beautiful buildings such as the cathedral or numerous streets friendly to the pedestrian being completely pedestrian.

Toulouse Cathedral

Toulouse is the largest city in Occitania and also one of the main commercial arteries of southern France. It is an ideal place to go shopping and theRue D'Alsace Lorraine It is one of the main routes to spend an afternoon between local stores or the main multinationals that we all know.

Convent of the Jacobins

Apart from the things to see in Toulouse, one of the things we liked most about the city is the easy to travel, not only because of its size, but because a large part of it is pedestrian. One of the most beautiful walks is next to the river Garonne. If you cross the San Pedro Bridge, you can reach several walkways and a small park somewhat ideal for sunbathing in summer. It is only one of the possibilities for walking in Toulouse.

Toulouse at sunset

Excursions from Toulouse

Auch, Carcassonne, Albi and the city of space

As good train connections, it is easy to access from Toulouse to certain places that deserve a good escape. For example the city ofAuch, which stands out for the history of D'Artagnan and its monumental staircase as well as the Cathedral of Our Lady. Another great excursion is to go toCarcassonne, famous throughout the world for its spectacular wall and for having been the fief of the Cathars. By lastAlbi, for its medieval appearance and for the impressive views of the city from the Tarn river. The latter a true discovery, beautiful!

Another of the classic excursions, ideal to enjoy as a family, is to visit the Space City (Aeroscopy Museum), where it is possible to see the famous Concorde, emblematic airplanes, a giant IMAX 3D and everything about the history of aeronautics.

See all excursions in Toulouse

What to see in Toulouse ?. 5 key points

  1. San Pedro Bridge
  2. Basilica of San Sernín
  3. Capitol Square
  4. Convent of the Jacobins
  5. Toulouse Cathedral

1 St. Peter's Bridge

The San Pedro Bridge is one of the best known places in Toulouse. Ideal for both day and night, it separates the most touristic part of Toulouse from the less well-off neighborhoods of the city. Next to the bridge is the square of the same name, full of terraces and restaurants and with beautiful views ofChapelle Saint-Joseph de la Grave.

San Pedro Bridge

On the other side of the bridge are the new walkways overlooking the city center. It is also an ideal place to go for a picnic or just to take a nice walk along the Garonne River, which by the way is born in Spain, in the Pyrenees.

2 Basilica of San Sernín

Next to the Saint-Raymond Museum, we have this medieval basilica with no less than 128 relics of saints. The basilica really is a sanctuary, since it was built on the tomb of San Sernín (San Saturinino), who was bishop of Toulouse.

On departure, we recommend you go by Rue du Taur in the direction of the Capitol Square. Stop at Notre Dame du Taur. The facade does not attract much attention, but its interior is impressive. It is gothic in style and full of striking paintings.

Basilica of San Sernín

3 Capitol Square

The Capitol Square is the nerve center of the city. Many commercial arteries depart from it, mostly pedestrian, all of them full of shops and restaurants. In the same square there are numerous terraces, an ideal place to go to breakfast.

Capitol Square
Capitol Square - City Hall

In the same Capitol Square is the Toulouse town hall, one of the must-see and is also free. In it you can see a lot of works of art exhibited in different rooms and organized at different times.

4 Convent of the Jacobins

In addition to its church, one of the most beautiful in the city, it has a spectacular cloister somewhat hidden and it seems incredible that it is in the center of the city.

The church has several central columns and Gothic arches, forming its pointed vaults. Inside, besides the exit to the cloister, there are the relics of St. Thomas Aquinas, patron of the students.

Convent of the Jacobins
Convent of the Jacobins

5 Toulouse Cathedral

Located south of the city center, this beautiful cathedral combines styles Gothic and Romanesque. Admission is free and it is possible to take pictures. From it we can highlight its impressive central nave, the huge choir and its main altar. It is convenient to observe their stained glass windows, some of the fourteenth century.

Toulouse Cathedral

Practical data

Before leaving for Toulouse

  • Search and compare flights at the best price
  • Lonely Planet Guide
  • Airport Transfers
  • Car rental found a 15% discount
  • The best excursions in the area

How to get?

From Madrid or Barcelona

Since Madrid There are direct flights to Toulouse at very cheap prices and from Barcelona There are trains with SCNF that take just over 3 hours, so there is no excuse for a getaway.

From the airport

There are several ways to get from the airport to the center of Toulouse:

  • Tram T2, € 1.60 (the ticket that lasts 60 minutes)
  • Aerobus € 8
  • Uber € 25
  • Taxi € 40

Pass Tourisme discount card

In Toulouse they have a card that allows you unlimited access to public transport and access to numerous museums and attractions. You can access it from € 18 per day.

Buy Pass Tourisme card

Toulouse with children

One of the most popular attractions for children in Toulouse is the tourist train, which has 2 circuits that last each 35 minutes, and that discovers the most famous places in Toulouse. Departure from the Capitol Square daily (every 20 min approx) between April and October.

Where to have dinner or eat something?

In theRue Pargaminières, a street that starts from the Plaza del Capitolio to the Plaza de San Pedro, you can find numerous restaurants and more than one place to go for drinks.

  • Burger'N'co. One of the best hamburgers in the city in a lively neighborhood
  • Sherpa Economic and result

Where to sleep?

We are not going to recommend the hotel that we booked, since unfortunately they called us the same day to cancel it, since our flight arrived at 9 and they only had people in reception until that time, so be careful. Always indicate the arrival time, in case the flies…. In any case, here are 3 hotels that have recommended us from Toulouse.

  • Lagrange Aparthotel. From € 65
  • Le Clocher, very cuckoo. From € 65
  • Odalys City Toulouse, very central and with pool. From € 70

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San Pedro Bridge
Basilica of San Sernín
Capitol Square
Convent of the Jacobins
Toulouse Cathedral
We liked SummaryToulouse, and it is a perfect destination to spend a couple of days, without stress and with a lot of variety. 92% What to see in Toulouse
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