London. The Temple Church


It is the year 1118 of our era, a group of gentlemen among whom was Godofredo of Saint-Audemar they appear in Jerusalem with the mission of protecting the pilgrims who arrived in the Holy Land. Following these events is founded the order of the Knights Templar.

Gradually this order expanded through many countries in Europe, among which was England. Following this expansion, the knights decided to create in the twelfth century, a headquarters that represented them in the city of London, hence the origin of the Temple Church.

For all this we have decided to comment on this mysterious and difficult to find place, whose story inspired the writerDan brown by publishing your best selling best seller, the Da Vinci Code.

Temple church

The Temple Church

These knights were trained to fight in the fiercest battles and for that reason they were assigned a very important mission, to fight in the crusades with the objective of restoring Christian control over Holy Land, the current Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. A red cross on a white background represented his banner.

Temple church

The Temple Church has its only access through the Fleet street, very close to the Church of San Dustan in the West, crossing a door to which we will reach a private square. The church is literally surrounded by houses, courtyards and gardens, so it is practically impossible to see it from the main street, having to make mandatory use of the indications to be able to find its entrance.

The entrance has a cost of 4 lbs, being for those under 18 free. It is advisable to look at the website on visiting hours, since there are certain days of the week that cannot be visited, since it is a much requested site for weddings and communions.

Once inside, you will see that the church is divided into two very different parts and its size is not especially large.

Temple church

These two parts are the circle and the presbytery. The circular part was consecrated in 1185 by the patriarch of Jerusalem, in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary and its form was designed to remember the most sacred place in the world of the Crusaders, the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem.

Temple church

The most impressive thing, without a doubt, are the marble tombs sculpted in the shape of the Knights Templar under their bed.

The names of the knights do not appear on their graves, but most of those who lie there are known as William Marshall, who served as a negotiator between King Juan and high society, to demand that he fulfill the rights achieved during his predecessor, King Ricardo I.

As you may have noticed, the place can be visited in just one hour, but as with any visit to London, the St. Paul's Cathedral It is a must, many people come to her walking along Fleet Street, without noticing the presence of the Temple Church. A reason to keep in mind during your visit to the Cathedral.

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When to go?

The church can be visited throughout the year, but it is convenient to check its calendar so as not to keep honey on our lips. May is usually a complicated month during weekends, due to communions.

How to get?

The nearest metro station is Temple, but it is not located precisely nearby. We must move towards Fleet Street in the direction of St. Paul's Cathedral. Before reaching the church of St. Dunstan in the west, on the opposite sidewalk, you will find the gateway to the Temple Church.