Spain, the colossus Peña Ubiña. The route


Peña Ubiña, is one of the most emblematic summits of the Cantabrian Mountains. It may not be one of the highest, but its inclined and rocky profile, as well as its isolation, has placed it in the minds of many climbers. A whole rock pyramid that can be compared to mountains like ElEspiguete, in the Palencia mountain range.

Route to the colossus Peña Ubiña

There are many ways to ascend it. The normal route leaves Torrebarrio, in the province of Lion. We choose the route that passes through the Meicín Shelter, what part of Tuiza de Arriba (Asturias), located at 1300m. Both ascents can be done in a single day.

As we could see, although we did not stay there, the Meicín Shelter It is modern and very comfortable. However it is too close to the town, so in summer I do not think there are problems with accommodation.

The route begins

We leave the town to make the route to the Ubiña rock, taking a path that leaves the upper part of the town. We quickly reach the refuge, located 250m above. On its right side, there is a small intermittent lake, depending on droughts, of very shallow depth. From here we can observe the first ramp that awaits us and that will leave us at the foot of the Peña Ubiña, which as you can see in the following photograph, we will have it in front of us throughout the tour. There's no way to get lost.

Little by little, we saw that a cloud front He came to us on the east side (Tuiza de Arriba), so there was a certain probability of drowning the party. Luckily, he was alone in that and we could enjoy a beautiful sea of ​​clouds all day at the foot of Peña ubiña.

Ascending to Peña Ubiña

We start the ascension to the Peña Ubiña and he promised himself quite steep. For now, the hands remained in the pockets, but in the upper part there were several areas where the hands would have to be used. In winter they seemed complicated, but in summer with a little support is enough.

In the background the Peña Cerreos

Mind you, watch out for the landslides. In our case, there was no one on the same face, but many stones were going down at full speed, while we were ascending.

Climbing the Peña Ubiña

We finally reached the summit and the provinces of León and Asturias were at our feet. The effort was worth it, especially after carrying enough weight, since we had planned to sleep at the foot of the Small Ubiña Rock, so imagine ... Store, bags, mats, ... With that care ramp.

Top of the Peña Ubiña

We begin the descent by the normal route, crossing the west side of the Peña Ubiña. The truth is that this other route is more affordable and less steep, so I recommend it without a doubt.

Small Ubiña Rock

Once in the valley, rest. The views are majestic and a half-hour siestecilla, nobody took away from me. Let them tell my girl!

Relax time

Practical data

When to go?

During the summer, the peak is not dangerous, but in the winter things change. By normal route (From Torrebarrio), ascension is not complicated, but a misstep can become a good scare.

How to get?

We must go toTuiza de Arriba, in the council of Lena (Asturias). The road ends in this town. If we want to make the normal route, we must go by Torrebarrio in the province of León.

What to wear

Normal on a summer trekking route. Some warm clothes, good boots, sunscreen, canes and lots of water. In winter most of its routes require the use of ice ax, crampons and even rope.

Where to sleep?

The only option outside the villages is the Meicín Refuge in full route.