How to make water safe


One of the biggest challenges we face while traveling is knowing if the water we drink is safe. If there is doubt, we have no other thanwater purification and avoid a problem that affects our vacation. Diarrhea and vomiting are the best of our ills since diseases such as hepatitis A, cholera, typhoid fever among others, can be contracted by ingesting contaminated water.

How to make water safe

How to purify water on our trips

Every time we travel to a country at risk of contaminated water, it comes to mind if the salad or other food we are eating has been previously washed with mineral water. That is generally a utopia, but most restaurants try to use drinking water without bacteria. However, we will always have the doubt ... that if I brush my teeth with tap water, that if I drink water from a source, that if this smoothie carries water ... and so on until filling our head with thousands of doubts.

Triglav from Lake Bohinj

As it is almost impossible to be aware of everything, at least we can make sure that if we do not have access to mineral water, we can convert the drinking water. For this there are many methods, some cheaper than others, fast or slower and others that give an unpleasant water taste.

1 Pills with silver ions

We are not crazy and we are not werewolves. These types of tablets are very common in the mountains and can be found very easily in most large sports stores. They are quite effective and leave almost no taste in the water, so it is much more tolerable by our body. However, silver ions have different properties than compounds with chlorine dioxide. For example to purify a liter of water we need 1 single pill and wait 2 hours so that it is conditioned.

Pills with silver ions

The water we purify will last many days, in fact it can reach 6 months. Of course, silver will only be worth to purify clean water, never dirty. It is also convenient to know that they are valid only for bacteria, not for use against viruses or protozoa.

Finally indicate that silver is extremely toxic, therefore the water that we purify you should never come in contact with our eyes. Nor should we use this method for a long time since the body takes time to absorb it. Even so it is a safe method since it is used as an anti-bacterial in wounds by patches and ointments that contain silver.

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2 pills with silver ions + sodium troclosen

Everything that was missing from the ion tablets, that is, the elimination of viruses and protozoa, is added by thetroclosen sodium. For the rest it is exactly the same. 2 hours to purify the water (including Giardia lamblia) and it will hold us drinking water for up to 6 months.

Pills with gold ions and sodium troclosen

Of course, in 30 minutes it is able to load bacteria and viruses. However, the problem of not being able to purify dirty water is not remedied.

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3 Chlorine dioxide pills

The use of these pills is one of the best known ways to purify water. They are tremendously effective and are capable of loading any type of microorganism, including viruses that can be found in the water. They are also fast because with only one tablet you can drink 1 liter of water in less than 30 minutes. For both crystal clear waters and the most dirty. In this extreme case we must let the tablet act at least 4 hours.

Chlorine dioxide pills

In addition, if the pills have the EPA certification, we can be sure that we take the best pills on the market by being able to eliminate all kinds of bacteria, viruses and protozoa. Of course, when carrying chlorine Do not expect the water to be very rich or last too long. The normal thing is that you consume it before 24 hours.

Product prohibited in most European countries, such as Spain. Prolonged consumption can bring stomach pains, diarrhea, vomiting, kidney failure, ..., etc. In the United States it is allowed.

4 Iodine tincture

An economic mechanism to purify water is the tincture of iodine. It is sold in small containers in liquid format. With 2/3 drops per liter and in 30 minutes the water will be correct for consumption. If it is dirty, it is best to add 10 drops per liter and wait for the same time.

Iodine tincture

Keep in mind that your flavor It is not especially rich and that iodine in large quantities is harmful to health. The funny thing is that it is also a method that gets dirty ... if it falls on clothes you can already think about buying a new one. On the other hand it is a product for life, does not expire.

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5 Bleach suitable for water purification

Who would say that with the Bleach (without detergent) we could make the water drinkable. But beware, it is not with everyone. You must clearly indicate that it is suitable for drinking water. In addition this type of bleach is not always the same and we must look at how muchsodium hypochlorite per liter of bleach there. Determining factor to know how much bleach we should put per liter of water.

Amount ofsodium hypochlorite per liter of bleachNumber of drops of bleach per liter of water
0.2% (20gr)6 drops
0.5% (50gr)2 drops
0.8% (80gr)1 drop
1% (100gr)1 gora

They need at least 30 minutes so that it takes effect and we taste the taste so unpleasant that the bleach leaves. But what else can we ask for, is the cheapest thing there is! Finally comment that it is so effective that any type of load is loadedbacteria, viruses and protozoa.

Bleach to convert water into drinking

Available in most supermarkets at a rate of 1 liter /1€

6 Water treatment filters

There are many in the market and they begin to be a very interesting solution because of their versatility. Using a straw-style tube, we drink the water directly from the supposedly contaminated source and automatically any bacteria or protozoa (not viruses) will be eliminated. Therefore goodbye to waiting and bad flavors.

How to make water safe

Depending on the size of the filter, 1000 liters of water or more can be filtered. The best of all is that no chemical is needed, but the worst is that it will not always enter easily inside our bottle.

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